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This page contains a whole lot of rather random, personal stuff.  Read on at your own peril!

I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and went to school at Belvedere Junior School and then followed in my father and grandfather's footsteps to Prince Edward School, which recently celebrated its Centenary.  After leaving school I studied for a BSc in Computer Science and Physics with Electronics at Rhodes University, and I, errr..., don't seem to have managed to leave the University yet!  On completing my Honours degree in Computer Science I accepted a post as a Junior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, where I still am, many years later (not as a Junior Lecturer, I hasten to add!).  Grahamstown is a great place to live, and the Department is an excellent place to work.

I share my life with an interesting collection of furry and finned friends.  You can see some photos here...

In December 1997/January 1998 I went on a group tour to Israel and Egypt, which was fascinating.  The full story is available here...

In April/May 2000 I went on an excellent camping holiday with my good friends Theo and Brenda (and Caleb, although he was only a "bump" at that stage!).  Read more about The Great Holiday AdventureTM here.

Some PhD Graduation Photos from Wednesday 13 February 2002.

I've recently been introduced to the joys of geocaching (look for user Alien3Inc, or click the image link below), which is great fun.  I love this quote about geocaching: "Yep, I use multibillion-dollar satellite technology to find Tupperware hidden in the woods" — Maria Evans.

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My church's webpages are here: River of Life.

You might also want to have a look at Theo's church home page: Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.