Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Rhodes University

My main research interests are computer architecture, especially understanding industry trends and how to exploit change (e.g., when new form factors become viable), and bioinformatics.
See more about Raspberry Pi on my research pages.
I’ve written two novels, each with a different take on climate change, and third that’s a SciFi parody of recent US politics:

Projects and Student Opportunities

I have a project called Crayon? What’s that about? Check it out.

I am also starting to investigate use of architecture simulation ideas to make it easier to learn about and develop operating systems. Watch this space for more detail. A textbook is in progress based on these ideas; initial draft here. The simulation part is in the pracs at this stage – more will go into the next version of the book.
See my publications for more detail.

I am also working on improved models of transcription factor binding specificity, and am interested generally in sites of interest in the genome, such as those associated with long non-coding RNAs. My latest project: population regulomics – exploring differences in gene regulation within and between human populations (in collaboration with researchers in H3Africa).

I also dabbled in epidemiology in the wake of Covid-19. Since everyone is an epidemiologist these days, I thought I might as well do some actual research in the field.

I have some hints for potential graduate students, especially those from outside Rhodes.


My work in Bioinformatics builds on time when I was at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland up to the end of 2011, and I have had collaborations since with University of the Witwatersrand. My archictecture work is entering a new phase where I look into on alternatives to general purpose programming on graphics programming units (GPGPU).

See a list of outputs here.

Courses 2021

Past lives

I’ve also campaigned for various causes: