The eLinda Project

The eLinda Project aims to explore a number of extensions to the Linda paradigm for parallel and distributed computing.  The intended application area is distributed multimedia, but also includes general distributed computing problems.

The eLinda Project originated with my PhD research, but has since been extended into several new directions.  The abstract and acknowledgements of my PhD, as well as the full thesis can be accessed below.

More recent developments in this area have included extending the basic concepts of eLinda into the area of web services, and exploring grid computing, with a view to considering Linda as the basis for a new, easy-to-use grid programming platform.  We have also produced several versions of a bioinformatics application, using several of these systems.

During my sabbatical leave in 2008/2009, while considering the use of Linda systems for multicore processors, it became apparent that the interprocess communication (IPC) mechanisms available in Java were lacking in this area.  This led to a more detailed investigation of the problems and the development of a prototype solution.


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George Wells
February 2010